BLE, SDK creation, Libraries, Apps

Created Footmarks mobile SDKs for in Android and Windows 10, implementing, over iterations, both battery life and beacon connection speed. Created a demo application library to facilitate the quick iterations of demo style applications that the sales people at Footmarks would use.
Implemented an Android version of Float already existing iOS app feature for feature including BLE beacon scanning and api functions

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Android apps (Roger Lemmon Apps)

Utilities with large downloads and multiple versions in app store

Not Call Log and Text 2 Win are two examples of small utility applications that I have created in my spare time to fix annoyances or augment my winning potential. Not Call Log has been in the Android app store since nearly the beginning and has been at the top of the communications section of apps for long periods.

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C#,, SQL

Websites, Web Apis 2

Created version 2 of an E-Learning website for CPAs/CPEs for LearnLive which later became a part of the Thompson Reuters family of companies for our online E-Learning website
Used C# web apis to create a backend for an automated plant watering and nutrient dosing system

PHP, Python, MySql, Html, Javascript

Websites, services, api creation

Creating an plant watering and nutrient dosing system controlled by self contained micro controller solution to facilitate and automate growing of a constant grow cycle for virtually any tier of Marijuana growers, while being modular both for ease of use and for unlimited system size potential with one main system.